Testimonials: What others say about their coach

    • My first and unforgettable teacher
    • Janine was my very first online English Teacher and she actually helped me to overcome the difficulties I had as a newbie in the language. Janine is skillful detecting things that prevent students from learning the language, she is always paying close attention to you, I mean your pronunciation, your vocabulary, your listening and so on. She really teaches students a good and useful English. Janine is very well educated being able to talk to you on several issues, which is good since it improves our knowledge and even awareness. I do recommend Janine as teacher.
    •  David S. Bitencourt
    • david@termenge.com.br
    • Brasil-RJ
I have taken classes with Janine for a few months before my USMLE Cs exam. She helped me a lot not only in the Spoken English Proficiency section but also in the Communication skills part. She taught me skills that I use in learning Spanish such as shadowing. Working with Janine is fun. I am taking courses with her nowadays to help me to ace my TOEFL exam.
Thanks to Janine as Tutor and Friend.
Mohamed Ali, MD.
    • Best coach and teacher ever!

    • I'm so grateful to have Janine as my teacher and coach. Her work experience, advice, and flexible methods of teaching have helped me get through many job interviews. Because of her tireless effort to teach me, I got a job in the biggest tech company in the world! Thanks Janine for being so professional and so accurate in showing me what I need to improve.

    • Renata, Brazilian living in the U.S.A.

  • Sent on: 6 December, 2017

Janine is a very excellent tutor! She has been teaching me English for about 2 months, and now I feel more confident with my colleagues native speakers at work, but I have just started and I intend to take more lessons. I feel that she has a lot of experience in many aspects of our life so she is very interesting interlocutor. She also fixes my mistakes during the lesson, that very important. I really enjoy studying with Janine! 

Dennis, Israel/Ukraine


She is the best teacher ever! I have studied English for a long time, but It took so long to improve my english.With Janine in 2 classes I have learned a lot! I am happy I have found her. 

Carolina, Brazilian


Janine really helped me to gain confidence in my spoken English! She is open to new teaching methods and ready to adjust in order to address the needs of her students individually. Few months of classes with Janine gave me more then 5 years of classes in college in terms of fluency boost. I especially recommend lessons with Janine to people who are able to read and understand English to a certain extent but lack confidence in the conversational English. If it is your case - give it a try and it won't be too long until you'll see the first results! 

Dmitry, Russian


Janine is a very good teacher. She always does her best to make study sessions informative and useful. Besides that she gives great advice on how to improve English in everyday life. 

Oxana, Russian


Very Good ! I intend to do more lessons ! 

Mauricio, Brazilian


AmericanEnglishCoach is the best in town. She helped me learn words to songs in English and now I sing them with my guitar. 

Angel, Mexican

I told La Maestra Janine that I learned more in three months of private classes than I learned in two years at schools. La Maestra Janine gave me only the lessons I needed. Now I am ready to get a better job and read more difficult English books to my daughter. 

Jorge, Costa Rican

I sincerely appreciate my coach, Janine. She is so kind, meticulous, and enthusiastic. I want to express my gratitude and want to recommend her class to other people :) 

Young, Korean


I have had many tutors from different English speaking countries, but Janine was the most friendly and sincere one. I learned many techniques which rapidly helped me to improve my English competencies. I recommend to students to take lessons with Janine as I am pretty sure she will pave the way for better learning process. I have taken only 5 lessons but the improvement was dramatic as I was advised to change my bad habits of learning English, these habits were replaced by more efficient and practical ones. I am highly grateful for the quality of education I was taught. Tx Janine, Good luck for every one 

Amar lolaki, Egypt


I have been taking classes with Janine for almost 2 years. At the beginning I was unmotivated because I thought that I would never speak and understand English very well, but she helped me and almost every day she asked me "Are you doing self study?". Janine always advised me to study more and more, and one day I decided that it was time to study abroad. So, I went to USA to study for 3 months and I went to Austin to meet her in person. We had a lot of fun together on the weekend that I stayed in her house. She is a such wonderful person, she is humble, kind and very courteous. So after that, I decided to return to her house again, but not only to stay a weekend but to stay with her for 5 weeks, so that I would improve my English............... Continue in the testimonial below...... 

Paula Redondo, Brazil


I have seen her give her classes very patiently, carefully and she really enjoys it, I have never seen such a good teacher like her. I just have to thank her for everything that she has done to help me. I really appreciate it. Tomorrow it is time to go home, and I will leave her house. I am very sad and I hope that I can come back again soon. I recommend her to everybody that wants to learn English, and if you have an opportunity the same like me, you have to go to her house and stay with her to immerse yourself in a really American routine. I will miss you. Thank you Janine. 

Paula Redondo, Brazil


Janine is an open-minded and easygoing person. She does everything in order to find those approaches that suit you. She is the best English teacher I have ever met. 

Bogdan, Ukraine


Thanks Janine!! She is an excellent teacher, she is very well prepared and give me advice about lessons, I always learn a great deal in her classes. Also she is friendly and patient.

Rosa, Argentina


28 November, 2017

I've studied for around one year and a half with Janine and it was the best decision in terms of learning English I made ever. It made the whole difference in my English student life. Janine makes us learn from our mistakes. She is committed to our improvement, She shares a lot of resources that help us so much. She is s quite creative coach. Obviously, it depends on if we are committed to our own English improvement and we want to work hard on that. Janine is the best tutor that I have ever had!!!  Thank you!

Nice Souza, Brazil


December 3rd, 2017

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