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Hi, my name is Janine.  I'm an English Teacher offering online English lessons via Skype.  As I mention on the homepage of this website, I call myself a coach because I see my job as providing encouragement and guidance, resources and learning tips as well as instruction.  I will get you to think about what techniques for language learning work best for you so that your self-study and practice with me will be more efficient.

I'm a native English speaker with standard American pronunciation.  Originally from a little town outside of Chicago, I have lived in the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest regions of the United States of America.  My travels include a year in East Africa, six months in Guatemala and trips to the Caribbean, Western Europe and South America.

My first experience teaching English was at a Harambee secondary school in Vihiga, Kenya in 1975. (Harambee means working together for a common purpose.) I have tutored and taught classes as a volunteer and professionally on and off since that time, but have held other jobs as well. 

Here in Austin, Texas, where I live now, I've taught for the community education program and the adult education department at the community college, a private institute and in business for myself when I offered individual and small group lessons at my home.  I have learned that I do my best work and get the best results when I work on my own with my students, away from administrators who might make demands on us that don't contribute to learning.

I've been an English Teacher on Skype, coaching English online, for the past four years.  I have developed an abundant collection of digital learning materials.  My emphasis is always on listening and speaking as I believe these are the most important elements of language learning.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Global Education earned while living in two different cultures and learning two languages.  I have done post-graduate courses in Linguistics and Teaching English as a Foreign Language and continue to upgrade my skills by taking classes and trying out new techniques that I think will benefit my students.  I consider myself a life-long learner and I constantly seek to expand my knowledge.

Over the years, I've stayed informed about politics and culture and learned about business, organic gardening, health, nutrition and many other subjects.  I want you to tell me about your interests and passions.  I want to hear your stories, your dreams for the future and anything else you want to share.  We'll have great conversations.  My students have told me I'm patient, helpful, energetic and supportive.

I want to be your English teacher on Skype, but you can call me Coach or Janine.

Let's get to know each other!

Best regards,


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